Here to help during lockdown

Personal message from Professor Studd to his patients

We are here to help

Message from Professor Studd to patients during lockdown

Due to the present problems with this virus, I would like to send you a brief message concerning any anxiety this may be causing. We have no idea how the infection rates will develop and impact on containment strategies over the next six months, but as we are all being advised to travel less I would like to suggest that patients who are anxious about the virus, particularly the older ones, avoid travelling and we can arrange telephone consultations.

This will avoid the risk and also the expense of travelling. We can then send a prescription to our usual pharmacist and they will forward on the hormones to you. 

If you need blood tests, ultrasound or a bone density scan you will have to attend or wait until the panic is over hopefully in a few months time.

With very best wishes and keep well John Studd